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Your Email Questions Answered/NBC TODAY Show

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27 Responses to “Your Email Questions Answered/NBC TODAY Show”

  1. Linda Says:

    My husband enjoys watching you on the Today show. Do you ever have any good buys in the North Seattle, WA area?

  2. Joann Says:

    Saw you on Today discussing timeshares. Wondering if you knew about as you did not mention them as an online resource for resales. It’s one of the most trusted sites a timeshare owner can use if they want to rent or resell their timeshare. Please take a look.

  3. Vernon Says:

    Good morning,

    I am watching the Today show, and just saw the part with Barbara Corcoran. This was the first time I heard someone say exactly what is happening with people needing help from banks. HUD AND FHA put out new guidleines, but then the banks put out new ones too that supercede the bank. I requested a loan modification in Mar 2008. Because I was current with my mortgage they said no. So I tried again later in Aug 2008, they still said no, they also went on and said I would have to be 3 months behind before they will consider a modification. I got 3 months behind Dec 2008 Countrywide sent me a modification. My wife and I agreed to it, got it notarized and sent it back. We started paying on the modification amount, then Bank of America took over, and cancelled the modification. But they did not tell me or send me any thing. My statements always reflected the original payment. So now I have months of delinquents on my credit, and the bank is starting the process over again. I need help

  4. Peggy Arcangeli Says:

    I enjoy your segment on the Today Show. That said – I think that the properties you show do not meet the needs of your audience. You show great buys for beautiful homes – however, they are still very expensive. Much too high for your audience. Most middle class families are looking for homes under 200,000. Anything over that and they are in over their heads – whether they realize it or not. Could you show properties which more of us could actually consider.

  5. Anita C. Farley Says:

    I have just one question for Ms. Barbara Corcoran, and I would dearly appreciate a response. That gold hoop-like necklace and earring set she wore on most, if not all, of the Shark Tank episodes in season one — where did it come from? I love it! I have jewelers looking for the set, but none have found it. Please help!

    Thank you,

  6. Barbara Corcoran Says:

    Hi Anita!

    That necklace was piece by Roberto Coin.

  7. Joani Says:

    Hello Barbara,

    I was wondering… do you know how effective the BIG Multi Million $$$ Estate Auctions are? Can you tell me the names of the most successful ones?

    Also, I am wondering if you are currently (or ever) a licensed real estate agent, realtor or broker? Do you receive a referral fee or commission if I choose to purchase a home through your exposure on the Today Show, ie I love the house in New Hampsire for $515k?

    Please reply.

    Thank you.

  8. Rebecca Kuhl Says:

    I just watched your segment one the Today Show. You were discussing cities that are recovering. My question..did you mean Charleston, SC or Charleston, WV? You said WV but showed pictures of Charleston, SC. Thank you.

  9. Blake Marchant Says:

    I watched the Today Show (3-22-10) regarding your picks for top 5 places to live affordable and enjoy. and was very disappointed that they cut you off after you gave your picks and reasons for 5, 4 and 3. I was wondering where I could learn more about your #2 and #1 picks. thanks, Blake

  10. william kunsman Says:

    Barbara, I am retired Air Force with 25 different inventions. I have tried and tried to submit an application to appear on the Shark Tank show, and have had no response for months. My main offer is a 5-part
    lodging business offer…NOAHS ARK RESORT. I’m offering
    100% ownership to all intellectual rights to the resort.
    To see more info, log on to ebay..type in hotel resort Noahs Ark, click on to that title, and scroll down to description. This is bigger and better than all other offers that have been on the shark show…combined.
    I can’t get my application accepted on the show. This is
    a travesty. Families are calling in wanting to make reservations, and it is not even built yet.
    Can you please help? Bill 801-785-5131

  11. Patricia Harkin Says:

    Is it possible to get my house shown on the today show. It has been on the market for 1 year. A 3 bedroom 2 bath 2100 sq ft home on 15 acres in the Ozarks of Missouri. Less than an hour from Branson and Springfield. 1 1/2 miles from the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum. She wrote the ‘Little House’ books in this house.
    Listing price is $199K. Our realtor is Scott Hepko with Carol Jones realty in Seymour, MO.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

  12. Patricia Ross Says:

    Where do find these great buys! Would you work for us. We are very serious. Thanks

  13. Pepper Herman Says:

    Hi Barbara:
    We have a 1 bdr. 1 1/2 bath condo in Dorchester Towers way up high overlooking the Hudson with stunning views.
    Our problem is that we are not there but maybe twice a month in opera season. It is scary to sell a place when you are not there.
    What we need is an aggressive, sharp broker.
    How do we go about finding one who we can relate to?
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  14. Barbara Corcoran Says:

    Call up the brokerage company in your area and ask to speak with the office manager. Ask him or her to recommend their top broker, and they will! After all, it’s in their own best interest to do so. The top 10% of brokers in any market handle 80% of the deals, and you want one of those go-getters working for you!

  15. marcile sims Says:

    I was watching this morning’s question on the Today Show in regards to hiring an agent vs FSBO and what your viewers need to know is
    Like you say, anyone, can put a stick in the yard and attract buyers, but
    1. Will you spend all weekend wasting your time with a person who has horrible credit and couldn’t buy if they tried? Realtors prequalify our buyers for you.
    2. Can you negotiate properly? Have you had years of training and schooling to know how?
    3. What about inspections , repairs, appraisals and all the things you have no expert knowledge about?

    Summary, you wouldn’t choose to be your own lawyer if you were sued. You wouldn’t try to “heal yourself” if you needed surgery, so why would you think you can instantly become a Realtor? We go to schooling , training , continued Education, and we have the experience to do what you can not do as well.
    Enough said? We get you more money and keep you out of a lawsuit in most cases, call a Realtor today, let us do our job, the one we are passionate about!

  16. Barbara Katona Says:

    Barbara spoke about the benefits of having a lake on your property. She said even if the property had less acreage than others, the lake would make up for it. Our small hoa is in need of redoing it’s small lake. Some of the people don’t want to spend the money. I’ve explained that they will get far more in return on their investment.
    Rather than having a swmapy looking lake as opposed to a beautiful aerated clean one. Can you comment?

  17. J Simmons Says:

    I absolutly love the four tiered pearl necklace that Barbara has been wearing this season. I would love to have at least a replica of it.She’s such a classy and stylish dresser. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks

  18. Ed Bossom Says:

    I watch the Today Show every morning. Every day I look to see if my friend/my buddy. is standing in the front row, prime spot.

    He is black, always wears sunglasses, regardless of the weather. He always wears clothes which look as if they just came from an exclusive men’s clothing store. He always wears a hood or a hat (sometimes western, sometimes dressy.)

    Is he a haberdasher, a security person, or what? Ed Bossom

  19. Joyce J. Potts, SRA Says:

    Don’t the lenders fool you with regard to low appraisals. Yes, it does happen as many AMC’s seek out the cheapest appraiser that sometimes lack geographic competency. The AMC model has been a failure. Secondly, if the lenders really want to start getting credit back circulating into the housing market, then change the interagency appraisal guidelines. More often than not the lenders, Realtors, buyers and sellers will blame the appraiser when, in fact, the appraisers are following the lender’s and GSE’s appraisal guidelines.

  20. Juliet Says:

    Saw you on the Today Show yesterday! Thanks for covering the benefits of Virtual Staging

  21. Suzanne Mobbs Says:

    I was wondering why the women always cross their legs when they are outside during the show in the morning? It looks silly and kind of like they need to go pee. The men do not stand like that. Do you think you could ask them stop? It looks stupid and not flattering at all. Maybe they need to take some modeling lessons on how to stand.

  22. francene blackmore Says:

    Barbara is talking as if things are looking up. We have been trying to sell our home for 4 years. Started at $700 and we are down to $415K. It’s a beautiful home, in the country, in a depressed area of CT (although the quiet corner is a beautiful spot). We built it in 1989 for $320,000. THINGS ARE NOT GETTING BETTER!!

  23. Barbara M Says:

    I love the necklace you wore on the September Shark Tank season opener. Where can I get one?!

  24. Barbara Corcoran Says:

    That beautiful necklace is from Sheila Fajl (

  25. Andy and Bob Says:

    We have watched you on the NBC show and sometimes agree with your commentary, sometimes not. WE currently have a home for sale in Green Valley, Az. It is perfectly staged, great view, gated community, upper end finishes, and only 5 years old with solar installation and a $7 a month elec. bill. We have been on the market for 2 seasons at a reasonable price and have not been able to sell. Need some more marketing help to get it out there and get it sold. I sometimes think we have a too perfect product, and people don’t get it.

  26. Brad Kanner Says:

    I would like to know why you have never said anything at all about Johnson City, Jonesborough, or actually any of the tri – cities in NE Tennessee. I have lived in a few places in my life including NY, City and I have to tell you about 16 years ago I moved fron Black Mountain, NC to a very small rural town called Watauga, TN and that is between J.C. and Elizabethton TN. I’m not saying Watauga has many houses in the $1,000,000,00 range but J.C, and Jonesborough have many. There is a golf course community called The Ridges and the golf course is caller The Blackthorn at the Ridges. The Ridges has many houses that cost more than 1 to 3 million dollars to build, but because of the economy they are selling for much less.
    The Tri – Cities has 4 perfect seasons and we don’t have personal property tax and our property tax is one of the lowest in the country. Plus the people are very accepting and really nice. We also have a NASCAR track in Bristol that has 2 big races a year which puts millions and millions of dollars in the Tri – Cities economy..

  27. Barbara Corcoran Says:

    Great suggestion! I’ll look into it!

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