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TODAY: What You Can Get For $250,000 or Less!

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4 Responses to “TODAY: What You Can Get For $250,000 or Less!”

  1. Lisa Eidson Says:

    You mentioned in this article that you are tired of “granite countertops”. I agree… they are too difficult to properly clean. I was wondering your reasons and what you would replace them with.

  2. Cody William Says:

    Hello, We saw the home in Brownsville, Oregon this week on your Today show spot.

    We are looking in that area and LOVE that house. How do we find that house so we can view it and make an offer!??

    I have searched throughout your web site and the Today Show site, but do not find any links to actually locate the homes you list.

    Thank You, Cody

  3. Barbara Corcoran Says:

    The broker for that beautiful home is Matt Sutten of Sutten Real Estate.

  4. Countertops Experts Says:

    I love any topic regarding countertops and I’m sure you might think the same about the countertop website:

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