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Answering Your Real Estate Questions/NBC TODAY Show

20 Responses to “Answering Your Real Estate Questions/NBC TODAY Show”

  1. Carol Fasicjk Says:

    I would really to re watch the segment that was on the today show Jan 2, 2010. Can you please send me the link. I need to share it with my clients in Annapolis, MD.

  2. Chris Seda Says:

    I put my house up fro sell with an agent in May. Wihtin 2 weeks week had an offer which I accepted at which time, we signed a contract to build a new house. The buyer backed out on the 12 day and no reason given. The buyer in Lincoln Nebraska has the right to do this due to a the contract realtors are now using. Anyway, we have had a few other offers but not evern worth looking at. I now have an opportunity to lease the house for 1 year. The rent will pay the morgtage. Is this a good idea since the house has been on the market 7 months and we now have 2 morgtages or should we just leave on the market?

  3. Nataki Moore Says:

    I bought a 1952 house four years ago thinking I was going to renovate it. Unfortunately due to finances I am unable to do the updates on the house. I want to move out of this home because the home owner’s insurance is extremely high because the home needs a new roof. I want to just sell my house and have been looking at websites like and, are these legitimate and is this the best option for me. I am concerned about putting my house on the market because there are a lot of things that are wrong with the home and I just want to sell it as is. Please help me. Thank you.

  4. debann Says:

    Is this the lady that pronounced “Hoosier” as “Hoo-shoe?”
    Don’t let David Letterman get wind of that!

  5. Maria Says:

    My Husband and I have a rental property in Florida.We live in another state and would like to just give it to the bank. Is this something that we should do? We have tried to sell it with no luck and its really weighing us down financially.

  6. Paul Eber Says:

    I may be relocating soon to Morgantown, W.V. and would like info. about the area real estate market, unemployment rate, crime rate, foreclosure rate.
    Also rentals, I may hve to rent a one bedroom apt. before my family can join be, we are living in Palm Beach County, Fl. right now.

    Thank you in advance,

  7. Cecile Says:

    To the person who asked “How do I get started with foreclosure investing?” Our site offers a very popular nationwide database of foreclosure properties that you use to get started. Our database is the most current and comprehensive inventory of foreclosures available on the Internet. We provide daily property updates along with complete tax roll information, thus ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of the data. We obtain our property information directly from foreclosing lenders and government agencies, including HUD, VA, and Fannie Mae and about 100 other corporate sellers . People all around the country like you use our property database to find good deals. Visit to start searching!

  8. Barbara Corcoran Says:

    Happy to pass on the tip, Cecile!

  9. Parker Gnas Says:

    Hi, great blog! The real estate markets in Canada are still booming so if anyone is looking to capitalize, now is the time. Whether it be a house for yourself or an investment, keep your options open. Good luck to everyone! Thanks.

  10. honus wagner Says:

    This woman is an idiot !! She just advised somebody to flip houses in this lousy economy and told another to borrow from fha and didn’t tell him he would be obligated to pay PMI to the entire loan which is terribly expensive !!! Don’t listen to this rich beeeoch !

  11. Debbie Says:

    I was really surprised today when I heard Barbara say on the Today show Just pull that Sucker in. I thought that made Realtor sound bad…

  12. Clerk Says:

    You went on the Today show to explain procedures for challenging your Real estate assessments. First it sounded like you were telling people NOT to get permits but then it got much better when you stated that clerks in a tax office don’t have the most exciting jobs so human error is the main reason their assessment is wrong. Lastly you went on to explain the appeal process for every city/town/county in America with these words : sale prices have plummeted therefore you should appeal your assessment based on the assumption that everyone calculates assessments in the same manner. WRONG! As a clerk in a Tax Assessor’s office I would like to comment that you are a dangerous woman! Revaluations in Rhode Island are done every 3 years! You can appeal your assessment ONLY using #’s from the last day of the year of the revaluations. If someone buys a house today, they cannot use that information as a basis even if the sale was significantly lower than the assessment. In our city they would have to use #s from 12/31/08. That puts everyone on an even playing field. As a clerk in a “boring” office I would like to state our office is very busy, never boring as inputting #s is NOT the only thing we and most clerks in these types of offices do all day. You need to get a clue! What you should have said is contact your local assessor’s office to find out the correct procedures for filing appeals. Putting a blank comment out on the Today show did a great injustice to these offices across the country! Maybe you should have some clerks visit the Today show so we can get on national television and state all glorified Real Estate Moguls are unintelligent and clueless.

  13. Michelle Christopher Says:

    I’m curious why virtually all of the homes you feature are over $200k? There are many, MANY! areas in the US (majority actually) where homes are not only under $200k, but under $120k even. I think it’s amazing that when these homes are presented on Today, you talk as if they are a “bargain”! Maybe in NYC proper you are all living large so that seems like a deal. I can assure you, the rest of us don’t live that way. We live in Tonawanda, NY which has also been listed in Forbes as one of the best places to raise a family. The homes here are so much more affordable than what you feature on the show. In fact, if you look @ Forbes and the other areas they feature on their “best” list, all of those homes are far more affordable as well.

    I love your style and everything you point out on these homes seems to be spot-on…except for your price points. Please, on behalf of the rest of us….please feature homes in some of the greatest places in America, which happen to be what most of us can afford. We will all thank you!

  14. Barbara Persyn Says:

    On today’s show you gave advice to a woman about best school districts in Houston, Texas, Katy ISD has gone downhill, I would say and others would agree that Klein ISD located in Spring, 25 miles north of downtown Houston and Tomball ISD, which is also 25 miles north of downtown Houston are probably the two best in the metropolitan area.

  15. Ora Says:

    I have realized that over the course of constructing a relationship with real estate proprietors, you’ll be able to come to understand that, in every real estate deal, a commission is paid. Eventually, FSBO sellers don’t “save” the commission. Rather, they try to earn the commission through doing a good agent’s occupation. In completing this task, they expend their money as well as time to accomplish, as best they will, the assignments of an realtor. Those jobs include uncovering the home by means of marketing, showing the home to all buyers, making a sense of buyer urgency in order to induce an offer, booking home inspections, controlling qualification investigations with the bank, supervising maintenance tasks, and facilitating the closing of the deal.

  16. Mike Spargo Says:

    HORRIBLE!!! The lady delivering information on real estate is impossible to listen to. I have never heard a person who could talk entirely through their nose until I heard this one. I walked away from the TV yesterday. Today, I turned it off.
    NBC has a penchant for nasal women, but this one is over the top.

  17. Smith Says:

    I think that Barbara Corcoran is WAY to opinionated in her segment. She needs to describe the homes and give info. about the area and not comment on the decor of the home. Anyone who sells homes would tell you that it isn’t about the decorations, it’s about the bones of the home. Stick to the facts and lay off the opinions.

  18. ken fay Says:

    great combo w/you and Al, and some of your spontanus, good cridical remarks !!

  19. Steven Snyder Says:

    @Nataki – you can also consider our website which is almost 26 years in the business buying houses for cash in Denver.

  20. ted thoeny p.e. Says:

    have patents on affordable, energy efficient, disaster resistant home construction technology.
    any market for thermal homes?

    regards, ted

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