She-Shark Barbara Corcoran - This fiery real estate mogul turned a $1,000 loan into a real estate empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars!
Meet Barbara's Entrepreneuers!
  • Grace & Lace … was founded by DIY girl, Melissa Hinnant. Starting with only a pair of women’s boot socks in the fall of 2011, Grace & Lace has now developed hundreds of products ranging from leg warmers to hair accessories and scarves - in the summer of ’14 they will be debuting their first summer line! One of the greatest Shark Tank success stories – over $1mm in the five days following airing – Grace & Lace is on pace to surpass $10mm in 2014! Visit Grace & Lace Visit Grace & Lace
  • Hold Your Haunches … started back in 2010 when Jenny Greer and Erin Bickley, the “Head Haunchos”, were taking their daily exercise stroll and discussing their dissatisfaction with body shaper clothing that just didn’t seem to keep everything in place! They put their heads together and developed Hold Your Haunches, luxury fashion pants with a layer of highly graded compression shapewear that helps present the shapely and smooth silhouette every woman is looking for. In the days following Shark Tank, HYH had sales of approximately $500,000 – and they continue to soar! Visit Hold Your Haunches Visit Cerebral Success
  • Cerebral Success … was born out of Trevor Hiltbrand’s college dorm room, as he hoped to find a better, healthier alternative to other study aids available to students on campus. Cerebral success is a premium brain supplement designed to enhance memory, focus, and mental agility. Quadrupling sales after their Shark Tank appearance, Cerebral Success is well on its way to becoming the pre-eminent brain supplement on the market! Visit Cerebral Success Visit Cerebral Success
  • Veggie Mama … was founded by Theresa Fraijo with one simple goal in mind: to offer more opportunities for families to enjoy veggies. Realizing there had to be a better way, Theresa set out to find healthy, all-natural snacks that could supplement her children’s missing nutrients and more importantly, get them excited about eating vegetables. Veggie Mama can be found on the shelves of over 600 stores nationwide, including Whole Foods and Sprouts. Visit Veggie Mama
  • Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac… are cousins from Maine that share a brotherly love and profound passion for their home state's most notorious export, lobster. What started as a simple idea earlier this year to bring our country's best lobster meat to the picky pallets of Los Angeles while boosting their hometown's economy, is now a multifaceted business that includes a people-magnet food truck, a brick and mortar location in the Greater Los Angeles area the newly launched website that will deliver full lobster meals to doorsteps nationwide within 24 hours. On top of their business growth, Jim and Sabin have garnered tremendous national recognition in less than a year's time for their sensational brand and its creative menu (e.g., lobster ice cream!) Visit Cousins Maine Lobster
  • Tom + Chee, the creation of Corey Ward and Trew Quackenbush… is reinventing the way we think about grilled cheese. Starting with just a tent and single grill in Cincinnati's iconic Fountain Square they have now grown their business to three corporate owned stores and a burgeoning franchise business. With menu items like the Grilled Cheese Donut and the Grilled Mac n Cheese, Tom + Chee's new twists on a classic are taking the Midwest by storm. And when you are done with your grilled cheese and tomato soup, don't forget to finish off the meal with a dessert grilled cheese! Visit Tom + Chee
  • Ryan Kelly is 11 years old and already running a successful business… with his dog treat bakery, Ryan's Barkery. When Ryan realized that his dog Barkley didn't like his mass-produced, generic dog treats he decided to make his own. Made from all-natural ingredients Ryan's dog treats have been selling like wild ever since! From his brother's lacrosse games to the local dog shelter Ryan's Barkery is the talk of the town, and every dog around is howling for more! Visit Ryan's Barkery
  • Fleetwood Hicks of Villy Customs… walked onto the Shark Tank set and every person there wanted to own one of his custom fashion bicycles. His candy colored cruisers were so enticing he snagged two Sharks ­ Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban and convinced them to plunk down a half a million dollars. Fleetwood has not stopped hustling since. The handmade bikes will be showcased and sold in The Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel, and they’ve even secured an Australian distributor. Visit Villy Customs
  • Juliet Boydstun and Lucinda Lent , the founders of The COOP… were friends for many years before they had kids. They hung out in cool places, had interesting conversations, and wore high heels. Then Juliet had a baby, then Lucinda – and one more for each quickly followed. No more cool coffee houses or leisurely lunches for the two, who traded in their heels for flats. But their new "hang outs" were uninspired and dull... windowless play spaces overrun with junkie toys and cutesy murals. Not content to accept this fate, the ladies came up with the concept of the COOP. A Cool, modern playspace for kids, that doesn't forget the adults desire to be in a space that caters to them as well (hello...CAPPUCCINO BAR!!!!). The COOP is open, it is clean, it is modern, and it's lots of fun. Visit The Coop
  • Southern belle Kim Daisy … is the founder and chief baker of Kim's Great Aunt Daisy taught her the simple secrets to baking authentic, homemade, four layer cakes at the strings of her apron. Their secret was simple – hand-sifted flour, farm fresh eggs and every cake hand iced with sweet cream frosting – and the Sharks gobbled up every single bite on set! On November 30th, Kim Daisy made her first appearance on QVC. Kim Daisy sold double what QVC anticipated and is now a regular top selling brand and personality on QVC! Visit Daisy Cakes
  • Veteran Flight Attendant Darryl Lenz, founder and inventor of the Ride On Carry On noted that baby strollers were a complete hassle at airports. So she invented a clever chair that attaches to carry-on luggage and lets children get a free ride! Her chair folds flat, goes right through security and fits nicely into the plane's overhead bin. Since the Georgia couple showed their Ride On Carry On chair on Shark Tank, their website has been completely re-vamped and the chairs have been produced in four new colors and flown off the shelves, with online sales increasing a hundredfold and gaining distribution in 16 countries. Visit Ride on Carry On
  • The Brothers of Nardo’s Natural… Danny, DJ, KJ and Kyle hit the ground running when they returned from shooting Shark Tank in Los Angeles! The New York Firefighter calendar inspired them to create one of their own. The four hunky brothers pose shirtless along with the natural ingredients that make Nardo’s Natural skin care so unique. The brothers have since put on their business suits and inked a deal with a major factory to produce and bottle their product. The brothers are also in talks with a huge hotel distributor to put Nardo’s Naturals on the luxury hotel map all across the nation. Visit Nardo’s Natural
  • Aldo Orta's royal collection of jewelry… Is a consortium to the patronage of exquisite art forms that convey the language of symbols found in our universe. When Aldo was on the Shark Tank set the entire cast and crew fell in love with him and quickly bought up every piece of jewelry her brought with him. Aldo was quickly snapped up by QVC and is now one of QVC's most promising rising stars. Visit Aldo Orta
  • Fast talking Frank Scozzafava… has designed an affordable bikini line called Mix Bikini with interchangeable parts in every color and pattern imaginable. It allows you to create over 5,000 bikini combinations and makes every girl a fashion designer. Design a bikini today using the online design studio, share your designs with your friends on facebook and order today. You are a fashion designer! What bikini will you create? Visit Mix Bikini
  • Brett Thompson & Heath Hall of Pork Barrel BBQ … were Washington lobbyists hustling pork barrel spending on the US senate floor. They decided to launch their BBQ sauce business to supplement their income on weekends. It was their Shark Tank appearance that got them the cash from Barbara and notoriety they needed to go from selling 5 small stores to 500 large grocery stores within months. They'll also be opening the new Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant chain this spring. The catch? Heath Hall looks just like an adorable pig and Barbara made dressing like a pig the marketing gimmick part of the deal. Visit Pork Barrel BBQ
  • Tiffany Krumins from Auburn Georgia, inventor of Ava the Elephant Medicine Dispenser… was a young nanny-turned-entrepreneur who invented a friendly elephant-faced medicine dropper that cheers children on to take their medicine. When Tiffany presented her product on Shark Tank she held only a handmade clay prototype. But two years after her appearance on Shark Tank, Ava The Elephant was manufactured in China and sold nationwide in CVS, Safeway, Kerr Drugs, Harmens, McKesson and Kroger. While Tiffany's dream was coming true, there was something still nagging at her. She had always wanted Ava to be made in the USA. After months of research Ava will now be made in the state of Tennessee for LESS then Ava could be made for in China! Visit Ava The Elephant
  • Young cyclists Erin Whalen and Tim Stansbury of Grease Monkey Wipes… created up a patented formula to clean cyclists' dirty hands on the road. Sales of the individually wrapped wipes for cyclist were trickling in. What Erin and Tim didn't expect what happened the night they gave their pitch on Shark Tank. Barbara and Robert Herjavec bought in and the automotive, gun, and farming distributors came out of the woodwork graveling to carry their product into new markets. Grease Monkey Wipes were the #1 search on Google the night, turning their handful of sales into a bustling businesses. Visit Grease Monkey
  • Fabulous Houston belle Gayla Bentley of Gayla Bentley Clothing Line… developed affordable couture for the big woman with real curves, but the big stores wouldn't return her calls. With a cash infusion and a little help from Daymond John of FUBU and Barbara, she's now she's shipping thousands of orders to large stores with an upcoming big deal at QVC as a celebrity host for the forgotten woman. Visit Gayla Bentley
  • Larger than life Cactus Jack of Body Jac… Jack Barringer of Ames Iowa couldn't lose his beer belly which caused his 60 year old heart attack. Jack invented a simple pushup device to drop the pounds and Sharks Barbara and Kevin Herrington agreed to back him with $180,000. But only if Jack was able to lose 30lbs. Now Jack now calls himself "slim" and he'll be rolling out his infomercial on national TV just in time for the fat season. Visit Cactus Jack
  • Good Guy turned Entrepreneur Dan Mackey of Chill Soda… was looking for a healthy alternative for the junk soda his kids were swilling at school. He got the cash he needed to bottle his all-organic 'Chill Soda' from Barbara on Shark Tank and now he's making his soda and is on the brink of a major licensing deal. Visit Chill Soda
  • Zen Lori Lite of Stress Free Kids… wrote her first bedtime book to help her young stressed son go to sleep! Her series of illustrated books and CDs share the psychological magic with other parents of stressed kids. Thanks to Shark Tank and Barbara's quick infusion of cash, Lori's books are now on the shelves of Borders. Visit Stress Free Kids

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